video / poetry

a dance-spell for soul survival. A lo-fi video poem on COVID-19, the permeating presence of death, lockdowns, isolation, social distancing, the allure and danger of all that is forbidden, and attempts at an improvised life. 
The strength in connecting with inner devine feminine forces, through spiritual sorority, to cope in times of emergency.  
Two women, who are total strangers end up in a bubble together; a fragile friendship floats through a shared apartment for a while. Eventually it bursts under the weight of their individual struggles and the enhanced pressure of global crisis.
A private snapshot that made history.
Two women on the dancefloor of ‘new normal’.

Production: Too Petites Productions (Charlotte Gruber & Lisa Piette)
Concept, Camera, Poetry: Charlotte Gruber
Dance, Editing: Lisa Piette
Music: Chet Faker, 'Talk Is Cheap', all rights reserved, we do not own any rights to this song.